Stencils Capability

How to Determine Stencil Size?

Stencil size is determined by two parts: internal and overall size.Like the pics below.
As long as both sizes are accurate, stencil will be able to work well.

Internal size of stencil can be figured out conforming to the following rule:
• Width of Framed Stencil = width of PCB + 100mm while its Length = length of PCB + 100mm
• Width of Frameless stencil = width of PCB + 200mm while its Length = length of PCB + 200mm
For example, if one circuit board size is 50*50mm, then the size of its framed stencil should be around 150*150mm and the size of its frameless stencil should be around 250*250 mm.
The sizes we support are listed in below
Finished thickness and solder ball process if need to mention, pls also specify in details.
XG will try our best to meet all your demands and be your 1-stop solution provider!
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