Multi Complex Rigid boards Supplier
Multi Complex Rigid boards Supplier
November 14, 2017
Assembly & turn key service
Assembly & turn key service
November 14, 2017
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FPC Description Parameter
Material POLYIMIDE 1-6 layers
PET 1-2layers
Thickness and tolerance With Adh Single layer 0.13±0.03MM
Double layers 0.24±0.03MM
 4 layer 0.3±0.05MM(18/12.5)
6 layer 0.47±0.05MM(18/12.5)
Non Adh Single layer 0.055±0.02MM
Double layers 0.10±0.03MM
4 layer 0.25±0.05MM
6 layer 0.4±0.05MM
Min. Line width and clearance Thickness Min. line clearance Min line width Tolerance
35um(1OZ) 100 um 35um(1OZ) 100 um
18um(1/2OZ) 60 um 18um(1/2OZ) 60 um
12um(1/3OZ) 50 um 12um(1/3OZ) 50 um
Max size Single layer 500mm*500mm
Double layers 250mm*500mm
Stiffener bonding PET (Non adhsv)0.125MM /0.188MM/ 0.25MM
FR4 (Non adhsv)0.1MM /1.0MM
PI (Non adhsv)12.5μm~250μm
Steel back board 0.1MM~0.3MM
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