How to Choose the Best Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

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October 25, 2018
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Since there are numerous printed circuit board manufacturers in the industry, finding the right one for you is the real challenge here. By choosing the right manufacturer, it?ll make the process pretty easy for you. However, the wrong one can affect your business in the wrong way.

Quality of the Printed Circuit Board

Quality is a crucial aspect that can?t be ignored when choosing the best printed circuit board supplier. By quality, we mean quite a few things that need to be checked before you make your first order. Take a look at the quality checklist you need to go through before choosing your supplier.

  • Board made in right dimensions
  • All holes accurately positioned and drilled
  • Minimum board wrapping
  • Passes bare board test

One thing that you need to assess is that the quality always remains high. And does not diminish after the first main order is secured.

Can They Meet Deadlines

In most cases, you may not require PCB?s delivered by a specific data. However, there are times when you?ll receive urgent orders. That?s when your printed circuit board supplier will be tested. If they aren?t worthy of meeting deadline, I?m afraid of choosing them will be a grave mistake.

Manufacturing Cost

Cost is a significant aspect that you need to focus on. The lower the cost, the higher the profit you?ll make. In addition, lower costs mean that you?ll be able to sell your product at a more competitive price. However, that doesn?t say that you agree to sacrifice quality over price. Your job is to make sure you choose a manufacturer who is able to balance both quality and price equally.

Beware of Brokers

If you want to get your hands on products that are of high quality and reasonable pricing, you need to beware of brokers. Many people will introduce themselves as a part of an organization. Your job is to be careful about such people. Instead, you should only trust calls from a company?s official number, an official email, or a direct meeting that is held in the manufacturer?s office. Other than that, all those who approach you in any other way are either frauds or brokers. If you deal with a broker, you?ll have to pay more than you usually would as these brokers work on commission.

Wrap Up

You find many printed circuit board suppliers in the market. However, in order to maintain your reputation in the industry and satisfy you, loyal customer, you need to ensure that your products are manufactured from the best supplier. The aspects mentioned above are essential in helping you make the right choice.

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