How to choose a legit component supplier

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December 10, 2018

To Tell a legit supplier is more than just asking the best prices.

Component market is one of the most sophisticated source to understand.

Not to mention that there are dozens of details need to be confirmed before you send out an order.

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Here is 5 tips for how to verify a legit component vendor

1. Ask if they have a running website. A good site does not always mean they are good vendor. But no site is definitely a red flag that they are not really into the international trading business.

2. Ask if they have a solid trade reference/ current customer in your county. If they do, call someone to verify if this is the right partner they would like to do business with again.

3. Get a picture of the components, especially the most expensive ones, before your order is packed and shipped out. No picture or very long lead time simply means your parts are ordered from somewhere else. From other sources usually means more risk and less profit.

4.The datecode is not a crucial thing, mostly they are within 18 months from current date. But sometimes end customer would like to request a specific date/ year components, because this is used for certain intentions.

Then if most vendors are quoting no such datecode matches, while just the other one says “yes we do have that…” Be aware that this maybe a refurbished and remarked with the code you wanted. Remarking is not a secret in the industry, and it is so easy to tell by acetone test, so try that if you are not sure the marking is new or not.

5. Do not try big amount with your very first order, but try escrow if first order needs to go that big. You should test one vendor from a small trial order and then see how things going, and if the parts they sold you are solid.

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