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Printed Circuit Board Supplier, Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturers have for some time been the establishment of electrical designing, filling in as the "brains" of any fueled gadget. Planning printed circuit board manufacturers (PCBM) is to electrical building as HTML is to web improvement—the spine that makes everything conceivable. That is on the grounds that no fueled gadget works without a PCB or some likeness thereof. From PDAs and remote controls to apply autonomy and toys, PCBs give power and availability between the segments of a gadget, enabling it to work the manner in which it was planned.

If manufacturing and printed circuit supplies are important then it is also equally important to pay attention towards the printed circuit board design and printed circuit board fabrication as it is the part of process to achieve remarkable circuit boards. Printed circuit board supplier should be equipped with the basic knowledge about printed circuit board repair as well if they want to provide unbeatable services to their clients.

Circuit boards supports electrical components mechanically and connects them electrically. This single specification is enough to highlight the importance of the said product and therefore, there is no chance of blundering with such crucial item. It is imperative to choose only the best manufacturers and suppliers to avoid the risk of any future trouble.

About XG Technologies

Committed to providing top quality products to the customers, we at XG Technologies take pride in our work by providing high-quality rigid PCB manufacture from single layer to the multiple layers. An organization that started off with a few engineers designated to provide PCB prototyping DIY service, our organization as Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturers and Printed Circuit Board Supplier, since then has flourished as a multi-national organization capable of manufacturing and producing the best quality multi-layer board along with a personalized version printed circuit board design. Located in the industrial park of Changchun in the YiYang industrial area of Hunan, are operating head office is situated in Wuhan, in the Hebei district, in the middle of the Chinese Optics Valley.

Printed circuit supplies that we deal in won’t require our clients to worry about the printed circuit board repair for a longest possible time. Printed circuit board fabrication and the printed circuit board design we provide is unmatched and almost impossible to beat because there is no compromise on the quality from our side.

It is a very critical process to manufacture circuit boards and it requires well trained staff which thank fully we are lucky to have. Our team is not only trained and experienced but we are also enthusiastic about what we do. It is not considered a job at XG Technologies but a passion and when someone is passionate about the things they do, it can never go wrong. Every minute detail is observed keenly during the entire process of manufacturing and supplying. The final product that reaches customers has already gone through excessive quality control and there is little to no chance of any compromise made on quality.


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Quality Control

Having achieved so much in so little time, our products are known for their quality and standards. Being the most renowned printed circuit board manufacturers, the machines are designed in accordance with our products with specialists effectively working together in making the products better than ever. Our products are carefully manufactured as per the demands and requirements set by our valuable customers after all we have a reputation to main as being the most trusted printed circuit board suppliers around the world.

Equipped with the state of the art facility making top quality products on a daily basis, our machines are capable of creating different rigid boards in different sizes and shapes (preferably 600mm to about 1200mm) with a maximum size of about 8L or above. Majority of our rigid boards have an aspect ratio of about 18/1 with a minimum hole size of about 4mil thus making us the only printed circuit board suppliers from the Hebei district. Our specialists have an industry experience of about 12 years incorporated with Foxconn. We carefully understand the demands set by our valuable customers and execute their idea in the best possible manner. For us, ensuring top quality is our utmost priority, and we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our products. For years our vision has been to prepare products in a manner as if we are creating it for the first time. The tools are of high-quality making our products stand out in the market and having an edge above the competitors.

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